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Tips for Styling Cushions on Sofas

Surprisingly, while I do think this is what most women (and some men) unconsciously excel at, this is one query that I have received the most from my clients. Frankly, there are no set rules when it comes to style decorative cushions on your sofa or couch but mix and match is the new mantra.

For me, those days of buying and styling with 16” x 16” sets of five cushions are over. I love to mix different sizes, patterns, colors and textures. Isn’t that how life is? It throws you everything and we got to make the best of it.

In the following blogs, I propose to share my personal ideas and suggestions to address this issue of Styling Cushions On Sofas.

Let me begin by writing about the importance of choosing the correct cushions. While many focus on colors and textures, which of course are important, the size of the cushions matters a lot. So remember to decide on the size first.

Once you are done with the cushion sizes, start planning with the largest cushion at the back and move on to smallest up front. Here are three examples of the possible permutations and combinations.


22” x 22” as the largest

20” x 20” / 18” x 18” as the medium

14” x 20” lumbar as the smallest


20” x 20”

16” x 16”

12” x 20” OR 14” x 20”


20" X 20"

18" X 18"

16" X 16"

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