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Boro Sashiko Inspired Cushion Cover

I am so happy to share another finished project since I started my 100 day stitch project this month. This was one of those projects where you start enthusiastically and after a certain point, don't know what to do and keep it aside for a while... ☺️

I picked it up again and finished it this month and it dawned on me that I can stitch a cushion cover out of it. Sharing herewith the outcome of my project, an 18"x18" cushion cover.

This cushion cover is special not only because its is an outcome of my stitch meditation but for numerous other reasons.

1. It is completely handcrafted. The base fabric is 100% cotton and handwoven on the traditional loom.

2. The fabrics are all handdyed in my kitchen with madder roots powder, indigo, tea leaves and iron.

3. Each of the pieces used are scraps from my other projects and therefore, I have managed to upcycle them to create this product.

4. This product is therefore a sustainable product that has been completely produced at the local level with minimum carbon footprint.

I feel so pleased with all the above and feel that it is not impossible to do things or business in sustainable or "Zero Waste" ways. Yah!!!

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