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Choosing the right number of cushions on your sofa/couch

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Once you have decided on your cushion sizes, the next step is to choose the right number of cushions to place on the sofa. Here’s this simple trick I apply to figure out the number of cushions on my sofa…. think in odd numbers, for example

OPTION 1: 5 cushions on a sofa. Combo of 2 + 2 +1.

  • 2 large square cushions of 24”/22”/20” size;

  • 2 medium square cushions - 22”/20”/18”; and

  • 1 small cushion - either 16” or 12” x 20”/14”x 20” lumbar

(Please note that cushion sizes are subjective. It will all depend on which large size you choose to use and the medium and small will correspond accordingly)


OPTION 2: 5 cushions on a sofa. Combo of 2 + 1 +1.

  • 2 large square cushion;

  • 1 medium square cushion;

  • 1 small square cushion; and

  • 1 lumbar as shown in the picture

(Left side: 20"x 20"+18"x 18"+ lumbar and right side: 20" x 20" and +16" x 16")


OPTION 3: 3 cushion combo variation

  • 2 square cushions -1 large, 1 medium - and 1 lumbar (see photo)


  • Two medium cushions and 1 lumbar

Happy styling and please do share with me your feedback (including photos of what you have done), comments and any other thoughts or ideas that you may have. Such spaces are for us all to collectively learn and I look forward to your contributions too. Oh! if you have not, please don't forget to visit and check out the cushion combos at my shop.

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